Chainer/CuPy v7 release and Future of Chainer

Today, we would like to announce two things: the release of Chainer/CuPy v7 and the shift of development efforts for Chainer.

Chainer/CuPy v7のリリースと今後の開発体制について

Chainer/CuPy v7のリリース、およびChainerの開発体制の変更についてお知らせします。

Sunsetting Python 2 Support

Summary: Due to the end-of-life (EOL) of Python 2 in January 2020, Chainer and CuPy v7.0.0b3 (release planned in August 2019) will drop Python 2 support. Chainer and CuPy v6.x (current stable release branch) continue to support Python 2. Chainer v6.x will be supported at least until after the EOL of Python 2.

Released Chainer/CuPy v6.0.0

We have released Chainer and CuPy v6.0.0 today! This is a major release that introduces several new features. Full updates can be found in the release notes: Chainer, CuPy.

ChainerX Beta Release

Today, we announce ChainerX, a fast, portable, and extensible backend of Chainer. It is aimed at reducing the host-side performance overhead as well as making models much easier to ship for applications. ChainerX is included as an optional feature of Chainer v6.0.0 beta1, and is planned to be officially released as a part of Chainer v6 series next Spring. You can find the official documentation, including a quick tutorial.

Released Chainer/CuPy v5.0.0

We have released Chainer and CuPy v5.0.0 today! This is a major release that introduces several new features.

ChainerMN on AWS with CloudFormation

  • By Shingo Omura
  • Jun 1, 2018
  • In General

Japanese version is here

Open source deep learning framework Chainer officially supported by Amazon Web Services

Chainer has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide access to the Chainer deep learning framework as a listed choice across many of AWS applications. Chainer provides straightforward calculation of deep neural networks in Python. The combination with AWS leverages Chainer’s exceptional abilities in multi-GPU and multi-server scaling, as demonstrated when PFN trained ResNet50 on ImageNet-1K using Chainer in 15 minutes, four times faster than the previous record held by Facebook.

About Chainer

Chainer is a Python-based, standalone open source framework for deep learning models. Chainer provides a flexible, intuitive, and high performance means of implementing a full range of deep learning models, including state-of-the-art models such as recurrent neural networks and variational autoencoders.

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